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giovedì 15 aprile 2010

Ho ricevuto questo premio da Ira di
Ira sei molto simpatica ad assegnarlo a me! Grazie Tante Tante!!!!
Ora, voglio assegnare questo premio a 10 blogs:

I have received this award from Ira of
Ira you are very nice to give it to me!Thank you very very much!!!!!!
Now, I would like to pass this award to 10 blogs:

I dont' know if some of you already have it!
But I want give you this award with all my heart.

Non so se gia' ve lo hanno assegnato.Ma ve lo dono con tutto il mio cuore.

8 commenti:

PAKY ha detto...

Thank you very much Sonya for this award, It's an honor to collect this award and I'm very glad to receive it from you ... kisses and best wishes

Irene ha detto...

Sonya, thank you so much for the Award. I'm very pleased to receive it. I enjoy following your blog too. X

michelle ha detto...

Thank you so much, Sonya, I put it today on my blog, I'm very proud to collect this award from you!!

Lize ha detto...

Thank you for your kind words as well as the award. It is much appreciated and how wonderful it is to be part of the blogging world, isn't it?

PS. I have a suspicion that I have told you before BUT Cinnamon is my favourite spice too, and I love pomegranates!

Nina ha detto...


Thank you so much for the award!!! It has been a real pleasure to take part of the Easter swap. I really enjoyed it and I'm glad you liked the present :)

Thank you once again for honouring me with this beautiful award.



minire71 ha detto...

Cara Sonya le sorprese non finiscono mai, passa da me ce n'è una per te.

Baci Irene

Annalisa Minilisa ha detto...

grazie Sonya, sei gentilissima, anche a me piacciono i tuoi lavoretti :o)
appena ho un momento lo pubblico.
un bacio

Jo Raines ha detto...

Thank you so much, Sonya! I have just now had the opportunity to come over and receive this! I work today but am trying to post to my blog and check around with everyone before I have to leave! My little part-time job so gets in the way of mini-ing! LOL! Thank you again! And I appreciated your kind comment in my e-mail. I love our blogging community.