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lunedì 1 marzo 2010

Questo premio il primo per me mi e' stato dato dalla gentilissima Ingrid. Il suo Blog e' visitatelo perche' e' molto carino.
Grazie Ingrid!!!!!!!!

This prize, the first one, was given me from the nice Ingrid. Her Blog is: /
Visit it because is very beautifull.
Thanks Ingrid!!!!!!!!

The rules for the award are:
1.Thank the person that gave it to you.
2.Copy the logo and place it in your blog.
3.Link to the person who you nominate.
4.Name 7 things about yourself that nobody knows.
5.Nominate 7 kreativ bloggers.
6.Post link to the 7 blogs that you nominate.
7.Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know that you nominat

The 7 people I would like to give this award to are:

6 commenti:

Lize ha detto...

Than you very much Sonya, I really appreciate that you thought of me! I am also going to 'visit' Ingrid immediately because I have not been to her her blog before!

Irene ha detto...

Sonya, thank you so much for the award. It's nice of you to think of me. I'm going to pop in on Ingrid too.

Nina ha detto...

Grazie Sonya!!! It's been a real pleasure to receive this award from you. Muchas Gracias. xxx

Jill ha detto...

Congratulations, Sonya! Your blog is so fun-- you are so talented! Thanks for recently stopping by my blog!

Narán ha detto...

Gracias , lo he recogido y puesto en mi blog.

Pilar Alén ha detto...

Molte Grazie, Sonya!! Ho l'onore di riceverlo. Ciao!!